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A personal blueprint for health and well-being

Learn why Ayurveda is spreading across the globe in current times of chronic stress, GMOs, and increased dis-ease.

Ayurveda is the natural lifestyle and health system of ancient India

The fee for this class is $65.00

  1. Preventive Care (staying Well)

  2. Know how you are out of balance. 

  3. Re-establish in your perfect nature.

  4. Personalize nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle.

  5. Revitalize energy.

  6. Anti-ageing and longevity practices.

  7. Fulfilled, meaningful living.Finding balance in a chaotic world.

  8. Ideal massage and essential oils, aromas, music, and sounds.

This 3-hour workshop introduces the fundamentals of this renowned 6,000-year-old practice of harmonizing the individual, and is associated with it's sister sciences of meditation, healing fire ceremony, intonation, and yoga, to name a few.

Highly recommended for individuals, massage therapist, and any professional offering natural healing.

Ellie Hadsall, Vedic fire practitioner & Kriya Minister, spiritual mentor, and author, offering meditation and Ayurvedic lifestyle for over 35 years. Ellie Hadsall was the education Administrator of the world-renowned Ayurvedic Institute in Albuquerque NM for ten years. Class cost $65.00. For more information contact

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