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Chats with Alena, the Mystical Muse, is committed to activating possibility and creativity in life; delving deeper into the spiritual dimensions that are too often ignored in our fast-paced modern world!


Join Alena via Zoom, or in-person.



Upcoming Dates:

February 9


The Great Beyond: Why We Need Not Fear Death


Often we fear what is unknown to us. What if we understood more about where we go after our time on this Earth? What if we understood more about the journey after living on Earth?

Alena has helped lost souls by opening the light for them since she was seven years old. She has also seen "heaven" and will love to open this world to you. 

This is definitely a 'Chats with Alena' that you do not want to miss!



Begins at 6:00PM


Call 260-627-3012 to reserve your space for one of these amazing evenings.



Alena Chapman has devoted her life to helping others discover their true desires and create happy, fulfilling lives by helping them identify the true gifts of their soul.  Alena joyfully pursues her passion for guiding people to realize the gifts of their spirit and to help them begin to enrich every part of their lives.  Alena is an international best-selling author with more than 30 years of study with Dr. Bob Proctor and Dr. Wayne Dyer.  She has created a community on Facebook called SoulManifesto.  Find out more about Alena at her website
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