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SCIO Quantum Biofeedback

What is Biofeedback

Simply put, Biofeedback is a means for gaining control of our body processes to increase relaxation, releive pain, and develop healther, more comfortable life patterns. Biofeedback gives us information about ourselves by means of external instruments such as the SCIO. Biofeedback training familiarizes us with the activity in our various body systems so we may learn to control this activity to relieve stress and improve health.


The SCIO instrument helps detect physical processes that are hard to find without help. The information is then "fed back" in the form of a continous signal. Under a Biofeedback therapist, the patient concentrates on changing a specific physical process, such as heart rate, temperature, perspiration, blood flow, brain activity, or muscle tension. A monitor connected via eletrodes to the patient's skin measures changes in the function the patient is trying to alter.

SCIO is a device used to detect the imbalances (stresses) taking place in the body. It works at a cellular level which means that everything in your body e.g. your organs, blood,systems, ect. are all made up of cells which vibrate at a certain frequency. The SCIO works with over 10,000 of these frequenciesdirectly. The SCIO then provides non-evasive frequencies that help retrain the body's reaction to these stressors allowing us to consiciously control and modify our own health.
1. Your body to return back to it's natural state of well being.
2. The mind to relax.
3. Recharge your battry.
4. Maximize your healing power
5. Boost your energy
6. Relieve your stress
SCIO intro is 30min for $40.00
With Kim Myers
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