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BOOK SIGNING- Ellie Hadsall

Ellie Hadsall is an author, spiritual mentor, and Kriya minister who provides unconditional support for individuals on their transformational journey. A Vedic fire practitioner since 1999, she has taught meditation, counseled, and led-enhancing seminars for over 40 years. A main theme running through her offering is the practical application of enlightenment principles into the ebb and flow of daily living. Ellie's offering are warmhearted and respectful of all authentic spiritual traditions.

Author of a multi-tradition meditation handbook, and the world's only practical handbook on preforming Agnihotra, a fundamental healing fire ceremony from the Vedic tradition, Ellie is currently working on the third novel in her acclaimed "Cave Time Chronicles" series. In the Chronicles, a woman emerges into multiple, unrecognized parallel lives, struggling to engage with unknown forces while applying the spiritual virtues under seemingly insurmountable odds. Venturing forward, she expands her understanding and strengthens her courage to live in the highest way possible in the midst of constant turmoil. Ellie has also published practical handbooks on conquering depression, living alternate lives, and foraging for edible weeds in the city. These practices are woven into the narrative of her fictional books. In addition to her writing, Ellie continues to offer workshops, public healing events, and transformational mentoring.

"My life is a never-ending journey of discovery and adventure and I acknowledge each person I meet as a meaningful connection."

Published Books: 

   Meditation: A journey to self-fulfillment

   Agnihotra: Havan on earth

   Pathwalker: A Soul's Journey Through Parallel Lives, Book1

   Spiritdancer: A Soul's Journey Through Parallel lives, Book 2

   Couquering the Winter Blues ( and Depression)

   Foraging in a City Yard

   Alternate Lives of Ruthye (under Ellie's pen name Ruthye Preston)

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