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Come Join us at Catalpa Tree Shops for an unforgettable experience of Waves Around You!! Immerse yourself in the soothing sounds of nature and let the waves of music wash over you.

As musicians it is our objective to share our knowledge of the relationship between music and healing through our performances. We have combined an array of instruments that facilitate, relaxation and support overall well-being. Our music is Specifically curated to decrease anxiety and diminish the effects of stress in support of mental/emotional health. Extensive study has allowed us to bring together frequencies to target the mind in order to cultivate creativity and enhance mental fluidity.

Here is a short list of benefits that studies have shown our performance style supports:
         1. Enhances biochemical function (i.e. dopamine, serotonin, hormones, immunity, ect.)
         2. Supports physical, emotional and mental well-being
         3. induces deep relaxation & meditative states (enhanced productivity/creativity)
         4. Reduces stress & anxiety
         5. Re-Calibrates the nervous system
Please rsvp due to limited space ( max 20 )
Provided: Blanket, eye mask, water.
If you'd like to bring your own personal items, you are encouraged to do so! :) 
Cost is Donation for the cause!!!
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