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Meditation is a simple, natural process that promises peace of mind, mental and emotional clarity, and insight. Sadly, many people try it and give up out of frustration.

"Meditation Made Easy" explains it's origins, benefits, and introduces simple processes that anyone can do. Correctly practiced, meditation is as natural as breathing, singing, dancing, praying, and visualizing. Workshop information is relevant to both practiced and new meditators.

The fee for this class is $45.00 per person

  1. Benefits for body, mind and spirit (20-plus!)

  2. Meditation's diverse cultural origins

  3. Practice techniques that are simple

  4. Solutions to common meditation problems

  5. Handling society and family who challenge your practice

  6. Answers to your frequently asked questions! 

Meditation is a natural process that clears the mind of mental fluctuations, allowing it to remain calm and open to insight and deepened understanding.

The meditation process itself is simple. The challenge comes because as the mind quiets down, current and dormant thoughts arise to seek attention. This is to be expected, not resisted.

Thoughts are not an interruption to your meditation

they are an integral part of it.

Ellie Hadsall is a transformational mentor and author. Ordained in the Kriya tradition in 1993, she has practiced and taught meditation for over 40 years. She is the author of "Meditation: A Journey to Self-fulfillment", an encouraging, warm-hearted, and clear explanation and teaching of a variety of meditation techniques from around the world. Learn more about Ellie and her spiritual transformation-themed at

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