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The Body's Wisdom

Unlocking the Intelligence of Your Cells

Our bodies are designed to be vibrant, healthy, long-lasting, and i balance. Science now supports the concept that the cells in our bodies have a consciousness of their own and consistently send signals if something is out of balance.

In this class, you will learn about the body's innate wisdom and it's ability to communicate with you. We will cover some of the signs your body sends when your body is physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually out of balance. You will also learn ways you can tap into a conversation with it, and the principles of a reliable way to communicate with it known as Applied Kinesiology, aka Muscle Testing.
Join Vec Talarico, a certified r, Class will be held on Sunday, October 22 from 1-3pm. cost $20.00 and includes handouts to take home. Call (260)627-3012 by October 22 to pre-register.




Vec Talarico is a certified emotional release facilitator for this class on the amazing aspects your body offers to assist you in creating a higher degree of overall wellness.
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