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Most people believe in angels, as they are referenced in the holy books of all of the major world religions. What most people don't realize is what an asset the angels are in helping us navigate life. If you are one who would like to know more about the angelic realm, or go a step further and create a relationship with them, join Vec Talarico for Connecting With the Angels.


This informative class will cover the divine purpose of the angels, how they assist and communicate with us, and how to develop a close personal relationship with them.

$15 per person (includes handouts to take home)

Call 260-627-3012 to reserve your spot



Vec Talarico is a certified Angel Card Reader and has presented classes on angels and other spiritual/metaphysical aspects for over 12 years. Her personal relationship of 20+ years with the angels has been an amazing journey and she loves being able to show others how they can also experience that very special relationship.
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